Silk Painting Workshops at the Scottish Quilting and Creative Crafts Show, Glasgow 2018

Just a handful of the wonderful comments left by the participants.

“Thank you for an inspirational hour” – Elizabeth

“Super workshop.  I really enjoyed my first experience of silk painting.  Thanks” – Marion

“Fantastic workshop!  Will certainly be trying this again” – Mhairi and Helena

“The workshop was great fun, very informative and relaxing” – Cathy

“I enjoyed learning new techniques and good information about silk painting” – Jacqueline

“Lovely relaxing new craft for me” – Irene

“Enjoyable – wish it could have been a bit longer!” – Helen

“I enjoyed making it and you explained it very well” – Joan

“Really interesting course, would be good to know a more advanced version of the skill” – Dorothy

“Loved it!  I’ve found a new hobby!  An excellent workshop to get a quick idea of opportunities available.  Thank you” – Rachel

Silk Painted Curtains with Rose-Marie 2017

“The curtains were a very ambitious, exciting project.  I had never done silk painting before but I love silk and I love the vibrancy of the colours used with silk.  But from the projects initial stages of creating an ideas bard with colours, shapes, sketches and words that captured the whole scenario to the final stage of backing the curtain with plain white cotton Shirley was able to cleverly guide me through it all.  The work was created with only a little assistance from Shirley but with lots of encouragement which boosted my confidence every step of the way.  The whole project was fun, informative and the end product was an amazingly beautiful pair of silk curtains which now hang in my bedroom!  Thank you Shirley!” 

Rose-Marie Khan


Freestyle Machine Embroidery Taster Workshop – Tuesday 7th November 2017

“Was very doubtful about my ability as a novice to complete any sort of a embroidered picture, but managed to complete the item.  The taster session was fun and entertaining with plenty of support.”







“First time using my new sewing machine.  I don’t think I would have tried free sew embroidery without attending.  Tonight has certainly given me the confidence to have a go.  

Very well explained step by step guide lines for creating a piece of artwork in fabric and thread.  I have learned a great deal tonight.

Thank you.”







“A very enjoyable evening.  The taster session covered every aspect of the procedure.  The variety of fabrics supplied were lovely.  Everyone should try this even if you have very little experience with drawing and sewing.”









Silk Painted Canvas Workshop – Saturday 10th June 2017

“Today I have produced 2 pieces of silk painting.  The techniques are so clearly taught that nothing is difficult.  Shirley’s knowledge is incredible.  I would willingly recommend this workshop to anyone of any ability.  The peaceful surroundings lend themselves to calm, relaxing day that ends with your own piece of artwork.  Amazing!  Roll on the next one”

 Elaine King


“Having spent a full day silk painting at the Paddock Tea Room, Woodend Farmhouse, I found the experience very satisfying.  My silk painting came out great with guidance from Shirley.  A really relaxing time, and a little escape from the hustle and bustle of today’s society.  I would certainly do it again.  A great opportunity to create, and meet like-minded people.”

 Paul Bradley




Freestyle Machine Embroidery Workshop – Saturday 20th May 2017

“I loved it.  My fav part was cuting out the shapes.  I loved it all and I want to do it again.  I would reccomend it to anyone who likes arts and crafts.  I like the place we were in BTW its Woodend”

Esha, age 9


“I have used a sewing machine very rarely in my 59 yrs, but I have had a fabulous experience.

Shirley explains things so patiently that all component parts slot easily into place mentally and practically.

This workshop has flown by and I am so pleased that I have made and designed a cushion for me.  OK the stitching may not be straight but my cushion is class.

I have achieved something I never thought possible.

Roll on the next one please.

And the workshop is in the perfect peaceful place.

Overall such a wonderful day.

Thank you Shirley”

Elaine King


March 2017

“I am so pleased that I know such a wonderful artist I love my new necklace The colours are so rich Thank you Shirley”

Elaine King