Silk Painted Curtains



I met Rose-Marie at the Festival of Thrift and not long after she approached me about helping her make a pair of silk painted curtains for her bedroom.

Rose-Marie had ideas of what she wanted so I suggested she put a mood board together.  We met and discussed the design ideas which Rose-Marie then finalised her designs.

With no experience of silk painting and to start with a pair of curtains measuring 112 cm x 150 cm was very ambitious.

I guided Rose-Marie through every stage allowing her to make the final decisions.  The end result is that her curtains are completely unique and very much reflect her personality.

We had great fun and I thoroughly enjoyed the project.

“The curtains were a very ambitious, exciting project.  I had never done silk painting before but I love silk and I love the vibrancy of the colours used with silk.  But from the projects initial stages of creating an ideas bard with colours, shapes, sketches and words that captured the whole scenario to the final stage of backing the curtain with plain white cotton Shirley was able to cleverly guide me through it all.  The work was created with only a little assistance from Shirley but with lots of encouragement which boosted my confidence every step of the way.  The whole project was fun, informative and the end product was an amazingly beautiful pair of silk curtains which now hang in my bedroom!  Thank you Shirley!” 

Rose-Marie Khan